Employment/Partnership Review

Employment/Partnership Review

MMA has been assisting medical practices structure buy-ins, develop buy-sell formulas, governance agreements, employment contracts and compensation-related documents for over 35 years. We also counsel physicians on their options for employment and buy-ins to practices.

We educate our clients on the various valuation formulas for stock, accounts receivable and goodwill. We help them define the events that trigger transfers of ownership. We define the governance issues that need majority, super-majority and unanimous decisions by the owners. We assist in structuring employment terms and compensation formulas that insure long-term working relationships.

These issues cannot be addressed via boiler plate policies. Each practice is unique. The proper solutions require an in depth understanding of the market, the practice’s financial situation and individual needs of the physicians.

Our years of experience and daily work related to these complex problems make us uniquely qualified to develop the buy-in plan and recommended structure of the Buy-In Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement (“Buy-Sell”), Employment Agreement and Shareholder Compensation Plan.

We work closely with the practice’s legal counsel to develop documents that work for the long-term benefit of the physicians and their practice. 


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